Welcome to Talako Publishing

Talako Publishing was founded in 2008. In the Choctaw language, “Talako” means Eagle, which symbolizes Freedom and Power. The name of our company is a perfect match for our primary goal of assisting individuals to find their own freedom and power through use of our resources.

Our company began as an avenue to self-publish books, thereby avoiding the lengthy and difficult process of acquiring a literary agent, then a publisher. The books written by Georganne Bickle, are taken from her actual experiences in struggling to find health and healing from traumatic events, alcoholism, mental illness, and the long road to recovery.

Our primary focus is on supporting those suffering from mental illnesses such as PTSD and chronic depression. Additionally, we continue to provide tools that enhance and reinforce continued growth for members in 12 Step Recovery Programs. We address healing and recovery from Unwanted Thoughts, Destructive Behaviors, PTSD, Alcoholism/Addictions, Sexual Trauma/Abuse, and more. We do this by providing quality books that inspire hope, are proven to be effective and easy to apply to one’s life. We post a regularly updated blog, periodically send a newsletter to our subscribers, and conduct entertaining/educational workshops.

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Brain and Body Health

Brain and Body Health

Did you know there are supplements available that actually make a real difference in how you feel, how quickly your brain processes information, and in keeping your body functioning at its peak? As a recovering alcoholic (21+ years), a veteran with PTSD, and a person managing Bipolar – I have to pay attention to my… Read More