A Guide to Life’s Challenges – Book I

New Book Release – Now Available!

Life is Full of Challenges!guide_to_life_front

How we Face those Challenges Determines our Quality of Life!

A Practical Resource Manual on How to get through Life without losing your Sanity or your Peace of Mind.

A reference book that can be used over and over.

This book is a collection of blogs posted on the author’s website and of the newsletters she sent to her subscribers during the year 2014.

Each week the author discussed tough subjects such as: anger, depression, stress, sideways anger, relationships, debt, fear, effects of emotions on the brain, etc. and offered simple easy to use tools to overcome the problems life throws in our faces. Most blogs include additional resources. Newsletters include weekly meditations and jokes to make the reader smile.

Kindle Book Coming Soon! 
Paperback (B/W) $9.99

Paperback (Color) $34.99