Talako Publishing, founded 2008 

Talako Publishing is a family owned and operated company.

Our mission is simple: To support healing and recovery from unwanted thoughts and destructive behaviors. We accomplish this by providing quality books at an affordable price that inspire hope, are proven to be effective and include methods easily applied to one’s life.

We address important issues such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Alcoholism/Addictions, Sexual Trauma/Abuse, and more. We donate books each month to homeless, low income individuals and those in recovery programs. Additionally, we conduct entertaining/educational talks and workshops.

We are a Christian family. Many members are Veterans who have proudly served the United States of America for generations with loyalty, pride and dedication. The following are a few of the Veterans in our family: 

WWI   Alfano,Ralph U.S. Army
WWI   Bickle,Scott U.S. Army
WWII  Angerson Sr., Michael U.S. Army
WWII  Barber, Joseph U.S. Army
WWII  Bickle, J.A. U.S. Army/U.S. Navy, Purple Heart Recipient (Guadalcanal)
WWII  Bickle, Bob U.S. Navy
WWII  Bickle, Catherine “Kitty” Bickle, Civil Air Patrol Pilot (beginning at age 17)
WWII  Cina, Dominick U.S. Navy
WWII  Green, Arthur, U.S. Army, Purple Heart Recipient
WWII  Green, James U.S. Army
WWII  Green, Lee U.S. Navy
WWII  Green, Luke U.S. Army
WWII  Green, Robert U.S. Army
WWII  Manno, Bruno U.S. Air Force
WWII  Manno, Joseph U.S. Air Force
WWII  Manno, Samuel U.S. Army
WWII  Mendola Sr., Frank U.S. Air Force
WWII  Radlinsky Sr., Raymond U.S. Army
Vietnam – Desert Storm  Cina, John U.S. Air Force
Vietnam  Green, Wesley U.S. Army
Cold War Bickle, Georganne AZANG/U.S. Air Force/U.S. Navy (Author)
Cold War Green Jr., Luther U.S. Army
Iraq – Present  Green, Robert (Bobby) U.S. Army/Army National Guard
Present – Mendola, Zachary U.S. Army


Georganne Bickle is the author of “A Guide to Life’s Challenges – Book I” (2017), “Dear Men, What I really wanted to say…” (2014), “AFFIRMATIONS: For Every Area of Life” (2013), “A Good Brain Washing” (2012) and “Dear Men: A True Story” (2008).

She is a Native Phoenician and a veteran of the AZ Air National Guard, U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy with Honorable Discharges from all three branches. Her heritage includes Italian, German, and Choctaw with current membership in the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. She graduated from Phoenix College with an Associate of Arts Degree in 2008 and Regent University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in 2012.

She is currently an active Licensed Arizona Realtor with designation as a Certified Military Residential Specialist. Her volunteer positions include President of the Salt River Military Women, Arizona State Director of Military Women Across the Nation, and Secretary of the Arizona Choctaw Clan.