Affirmations Reviews

affirmationsThis book is a deep breath of relief and fresh air for people in early recovery! These affirmations are instantly usable tools that will help save lives. We have needed this book for a long, long time. I will use it with all my patients. These words heal. They create focus on the truth… that has been lost in the darkness. Clearly , this is divinely inspired and has been sent to us to help win this spiritual warfare, one battle at a time. Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Georganne!

 Jim Corrington, Jr.
MSW, LCSW, Director of Outpatient Services,
Calvary Addiction Recovery Center – Phoenix, Az.,
& private practice–Addictions Recovery–Scottsdale, Az.,
28 years in the addiction treatment field


Georganne offers an important resource for young and old. Affirmations are simple yet a powerful source of help when used regularly. This book allows readers to go directly to the specific affirmations that speak to their individual place in life – no matter where they are.

 Jean Haller
Journeys of Life Bookstore
Pittsburgh, PA


Lots of good stuff in here! It would be nice if it had a better menu for the Kindle book.

I really wish I could find a book of positive affirmations that didn’t talk about how “god” wouldn’t give me anything I couldn’t handle or will give me strength to get through the day. It’s not nearly as spiritually heavy as the Hazelden books, though.

Lawrence, MA


One of the better books on affirmations that I have read. Very thorough! This book lists a host of really great affirmations for areas of your life such as health, spirituality, relationships, money, addiction, etc. The author suggests a great Idea to record them to listen to them in your car. I recommend this book to anyone interested in affirmations.

Terry T.


Wow this book is incredible. What a life story this author shares through her collection of affirmations. For me I can personally relate to the path that has she walked and continues to walk. Thank you for sharing what it was like, what happened, and what it’s like now, very inspiring.



Georganne’s book will help you prioritize your affirmations and you can pick which ones resonate for you. She speaks from her own personal experience and this shines through. Spirituality, personal care, finances, relationships and all of life’s central areas are addressed by her. This is a wonderful resource and useful for everyone, including teens, those in recovery or anyone with mood challenges. Carry this with you to reverse negative states of mind.Cohen

Dee Cohen
Therapist and Yogi


 This is a book I read daily to keep my mind focused positively. This is a pretty awesome book. I love picking up this book and flipping through it to keep my mind health and positive and just reading good words brings me joy!. I always find the perfect affirmation that I need at that time. It is encouraging and uplifting as I work on making positive changes and creating the life of my dreams. Very uplifting.

Stuart Powell


This book is packed with affirmation examples for many areas of life. I found it to be really uplifting to read through these affirmations! You can definitely empower yourself by choosing to dwell on these positive incantations. When you dwell on such uplifting things you cant even help but manifest them into your life! Great book :)