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Natural Remedies for Cold Season!

Natural Remedies for Cold Season!

Colds can be miserable! Their timing stinks! It seems as though a cold will raise its ugly head and attack my body right before I am really looking forward to a special trip or long awaited vacation.

The good news is that I found a great article on how to fight a cold – naturally, without all those awful chemicals and their horrible side effects!

Here is a link to Kat’s article: (Thank you Kat!)

How To Get Rid Of A Cold – 17 Home Remedies for Cold

Top 10 Superfoods that Fight the Common Cold

(Not sure who wrote this article, but ‘Thank You’)

superfoods-that-fight-common-cold - pic from their blog

Have any of your own special remedies or secrets to help fight the common cold?

Feel free to add your comments.