A Good Brain Washing, book and workbook

You get 2 BOOKS for the PRICE of One, a book and a workbook.

Our mind controls us or we control our minds. This book teaches you how to take control of your mind according to the way God designed our brains to work. Chapters include the reasons for renewing your mind, brain anatomy and function, brief history on brainwashing and why it works, and what works and what doesn’t in a successful personal recording.

A workbook is included in the last portion of the book with examples of affirmations and positive statements for every area of life. Additionally, there are special sections for Christians, PTSD/Mental Illness, Addiction Recovery and Teenagers.

Paperback (B/W) $11.99

Kindle $4.99

Paperback (Color) $50.49

“A great motivational book. Factual and scientific information is well indexed for easy cross referencing. The author knows first hand the pain of traumatic stress and addiction, and she shares her successes with her readers. Well done Georganne for writing a great book that will no doubt help many to conquer their negative demons.”

Amazon Customer

“I love the idea of “Brainwashing”! It basically means replacing destructive/negative thinking with positive thoughts.. which is so essential to building an emotionally healthy life. I recommend everyone buy this book and do a “brainwashing challenge”! Lets kick negative thinking in the butt and start living positive, empowered lives!”


Amazon Customer

“This book is like an encyclopedia of knowledge about overcoming negative thinking. As I was reading it I realized that I actually have more negative thinking patterns that I first realized. The good part is is that I was also able to learn that there are many ways to change negative thought patterns and free myself from such thinking. Awareness is 50% of the cure and this book definitely delivers that and much more.”


“”A Good Brain Washing” by Georganne Bickle is very well written. Ms. Bickle is a brave female Veteran who has overcome many negative incidents in her life. The positive message in her book is an excellent read for everyone. I certainly admire Ms. Bickle and her courage.”

Mae J.

Navy Veteran

“Little did I know that there could be a GOOD brain washing until I picked up this book. At first I thought it would be how to influence and sway others… like a conspirator brainwashing. But, I should have paid more attention to the cover design- actually washing – as in cleaning your brain. A very easy read in common language with medical terms in real words. You don’t need a medical background to understand your brain and the author shares her ability to help you understand your brain.”

Pat Sennett


“As a long time amateur stage actor, I was always encouraged when other cast members complimented me on my ability to learn and remember not only my lines – but many of theirs! Years ago I had taken to dramatically narrating and recording the entire production so that I could memorize my lines and the flow of the performances. Little did I know that I had stumbled upon the very mechanism that ‘A Good Brainwashing’ so powerfully researches and confirms! Now I am armed with even more evidence to encourage the use of this tool in other areas of my life (and can recommend it to others!). I can’t think of a more widely beneficial process for mentally ‘cleaning house’ and overwriting the long-standing negative thoughts that we’ve all accumulated over the years! Great work Ms. Bickle!”

Greg Jones

“A Good Brainwashing” by Georganna Bickle is a self-help guide that teaches a technique for overcoming negative self-talk. The author is a military veteran who has used this technique to overcome alcoholism, PTSD, Bipolar, and Military and Civilian Sexual Traumas. She has used this technique in conjunction with a 12-step program and church attendance to change her life. The book begins with a well-researched discussion of how the brain works, and how attitudes and self-talk affect our view of the world. The discussion has a large amount of foot notes and additional reading for those who want to go into the subject further. It then gives step-by-step instructions on how to make a recording of positive affirmations. It includes a list of affirmations for a positive self-image, overcoming an addiction, teen-age uncertainty, and sexual trauma. If those lists aren’t long enough to make a tape, the author lists other resources for finding positive messages. The reader is encouraged to tailor the recording to meet their specific needs. I can’t review the book based on how well the technique works because I haven’t tried it yet. But, the book is well written, fully researched, well organized, and takes a complex subject and brings it down to the consumer’s level of understanding. Her point, that a recording of your own voice is more effective in replacing negative self-talk than a recording of someone else’s voice, seems logical. I tried Subliminal Persuasion years ago, but the tapes didn’t help because I thought the background music was irritating, and the speaker’s voice sounded just like my mother. This technique, of listening to your own voice, would overcome those roadblocks and take the technique to the next level of effectiveness. I purchased the Kindle version of the book on Amazon for $2.99. However, because the reader is required to mark the affirmations to be included in the tape, and write in additional thoughts, it would seem to be a more effective tool if purchased in the paperback edition.”

Bull Frog

Pensacola, FL