Affirmations: For Every Area of Life

A comprehensive guide to affirmations and positive truths for yourself and the ones you love. Learn how to create your own personal affirmations that speak directly to your life challenges and experiences.

What we think and focus on has a direct and powerful effect on every area of our lives and those around us. Thoughts are real things. They are positive or negative. Thoughts either create chaos and destruction or peace and serenity.

Special chapters are included for Spirituality, Christians, PTSD and Mental Illness, Alcoholism/Addiction and Teenagers.

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Few publications have captured the essence of what is needed for true healing of the human spirit such as Affirmations ! Please do yourself and others a huge favor. Buy this book ! You'll be SO pleased.....promise šŸ™‚ God Bless !

Jim Corrington

MSW, LCSW, Private Practice - Addictions Recovery - Scottsdale, AZ

Georganne's book will help you prioritize your affirmations and you can pick which ones resonate for you. She speaks from her own personal experience and this shines through. Spirituality, personal care, finances, relationships and all of life's central areas are addressed by her. This is a wonderful resource and useful for everyone, including teens, those in recovery or anyone with mood challenges. Carry this with you to reverse negative states of mind.

Amazon Customer

One of the better books on affirmations that I have read. Very thorough! This book lists a host of really great affirmations for areas of your life such as health, spirituality, relationships, money, addiction, etc. The author suggests a great Idea to record them to listen to them in your car. I recommend this book to anyone interested in affirmations.

Terry T

This book is packed with affirmation examples for many areas of life. I found it to be really uplifting to read through these affirmations! You can definitely empower yourself by choosing to dwell on these positive incantations. When you dwell on such uplifting things you cant even help but manifest them into your life! Great book šŸ™‚


Amazon Customer

There is a lot of good information packed into this small book. What I like the most is that the affirmations are broken up to all areas of life, not focused on one aspect. I live life that way. I also appreciate the examples.

Phx Bob

Amazon Customer