Dear Men, What I really wanted to say...

A true story written in the form of letters to the men in her life. The author takes us on a journey filled with twists and turns through both dramatic and humorous events. She reveals the thoughts and feelings she has buried deep within her soul for decades.

The final chapter focusing on healing and recovery, includes sections on Alcoholism, Bipolar, Sexual Trauma/Abuse, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Spirituality. Anyone who has experienced any type of personal trauma or difficult circumstances will find hope, encouragement and support for their own healing process.

Paperback $14.99

Kindle $4.99


“Dear Men is a close-up look into a troubled mind in the survival of self-esteem…format is true to the twists and turns of her life’s journey… Her style of writing and changes of verb tenses call us into her searching soul.”

Carol Bolton


“Inspirational devotion that opens your heart, not only your eyes.”

Deborah F. McDermott

Army Veteran

“Stylistically it s fresh, without the cynicism that is alienating some of the chick lit readers…resonates with women who’ve had to put others first…It s wonderful and moving, and subtle…writing is good… 🙂 Well done.”

Miguel Fernandez

Professor, MCCCD

“What story, what a life, and great way to give life’s lessons without the ‘i have all the answers you need attitude’ – thanks for taking us on your journey.”

Barry Krasowski

Retired, Honeywell

“Well written, insightful and admirable. Looking inside to our inner demons and recognizing the road that one has traveled is never an easy thing to do. Georganne has explored this and much more to reveal the real truth of who she is. Keep going till you get there, than keep going. That’s just what Georganne has done. Kudos.”

Jeanette Richter

Air Force Veteran